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Win a hotel stay with Brighton Big Screen

25 July 2015 199 Comments

Brighton’s Big Screen is back with a vintage line-up this summer and we have a pair of premium tickets to see Grease plus an overnight stay in the Hotel Ibis City Centre to give away!

Grease Brighton Big Screen

The open-air cinema, set next to Brighton Pier, runs from 14 August – 13 September 2015 and will show over 90 movies including: Dirty Dancing, The Goonies, Interstellar, Frozen Sing-Along, Paddington, Guardians of the Galaxy and Blade Runner, as well as live coverage from the Grand Prix.

All daytime showings on the new 40sqm, 8mm screen start at 2pm and are free to attend, with evening screenings starting at 5pm from just £3 per person.

Brighton Big Screen

How to enter

We’ve partnered with the new Hotel Ibis City Centre to offer one lucky reader an overnight double-room stay for two people at the Queens Road hotel, plus a pair of tickets for the 5.30pm showing of Grease on Friday 4 September.

To enter the competition, simply leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite Grease character and why by midnight Tuesday 4 August 2015.

Brighton Big Screen

The winner will be chosen at random and contacted on Wednesday 5 August via the email address they use to comment.

The winner will need to reply with their name, contact details and address by midnight Saturday 8 August. These details will be passed onto Brighton Big Screen who will fulfil the prize and all further communications will be with Brighton Big Screen.

Tickets are for the 5:30pm showing of Grease on Friday 4 Sept 2015 only and cannot be exchanged. The overnight stay at Hotel ibis Brighton City Centre is also available for Friday 4 September only and breakfast is not included with the room.

For more details and to book tickets for the Brighton Big Screen visit www.brightonsbigscreen.com and www.facebook.com/BrightonsBigScreen.

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  • Hazel welch said:


  • Charlotte said:

    My 8 year old daughter is in love with sandy! She wants to be like her when she’s older,

  • kathryn said:


  • Mary Hawkes said:

    Got to be Sandy

  • Matthew N said:


  • Wendy Brown said:

    Rizzo – keep it real, sweetie!

  • suzanna gentle said:

    Rizzo. SHe’s quite a sad character who puts on a strong and uncaring front but inside seems to be crying out for love

  • Karen Weedon said:

    Frenchy – she’s fun-loving and bubbly

  • Kazza Koo said:

    Has to be Rizzo for me! Have watched so many times I can’t remember and just love the Rizzo quote – I got so many hickeys people’ll think I’m a leper!

  • Samantha said:

    Sandy. I wanted to be her when I was a little girl. I used to dress up in pretty dresses and tell every one my name was Sandy!

  • Sarah Fernandes-Macmillan said:

    It has to be Rizzo: she’s unapologetic, tough but with a soft side, she’s got great style (all black and pink jacket…rock chick!!!!) and sports a short do like a boss!!

  • Fiona K said:

    Sandy because of her humour, singing and dramatic makeover at the end

  • sharon mead said:

    Rizzo, the tart with the heart xxx

  • diane said:

    I saw the film first time around, I tried to do my hair like Sandy.

  • Sarah-Jane Laycock said:

    I loved Rizzo, the feistiness, the independence and the loyalty that comes with great friendship

  • F Alexandre said:

    Rizzo because he’s funny.

  • Elizabeth Hinds said:

    I always loved Danny – I liked that he had a soft side underneath the cool 🙂

  • Sandra Stitchell said:

    It has to be Sandy, I would so like to be like her.

  • Louise Brown said:

    Rizzo would be my favourite, she’s feisty and misunderstood!

  • natalie doherty said:

    rizzo! loved her!!!

  • Michelle Smith said:

    My favourite character from Grease has got to be Rizzo. A fiercly independent teenager. 🙂 Love Grease.

  • Lizzie Morris said:

    Rizzo for sure!

  • Jason Nutt said:

    SANDY , can’t you see
    I’m in misery?
    You made a start, now we’re apart
    There’s nothing left for me

    Love has flown all alone
    I sit and wonder why, oh?
    Why you left me, oh Sandy

    Oh Sandy, baby, someday
    When high school is done
    Somehow, someway
    Our two worlds will be one

    In Heaven forever
    And ever we will be
    Oh please, say you’ll stay
    Oh Sandy

    Sandy my darling’, you hurt me real bad
    You know it’s true
    But baby you gotta believe me when I say
    I’m helpless without you

    Love has flown all alone
    I sit I wonder why
    Why you left me, oh Sandy?
    Sandy, Sandy, why, oh Sandy?

  • Catherine Amaro said:

    Rizzo because she’s so cool

  • Becky Thompson said:

    Rizzo cos she is edgy and she has got personality

  • Natalie Lockhart said:

    Rizzo! She is a strong fiesty woman who has a soft, gentle side.

  • Linda Thorn said:

    Sandy and love her singing

  • Emma Pollard said:

    Danny without a doubt! Grease was the first film I ever watched and the lovely John Travolta my first crush!!

  • georgie pope said:


  • Sam Bailey said:

    Rizzo for me too! That girl had class just like me!

  • sandra neil said:

    Sandy is my favorite Grease character because she is a timeless example of a lady with who is elegant, stylish, chic and sexy all in one!

  • Bex Allum said:

    I love sandy she is so innocent and lovely. I love grease!!!

  • paul stead said:

    sandy so sexy

  • alison bonsor said:

    sandy is my fave my daughter who is now 20 had a grease party when she was 10 years old and it was magnificent she dressed as sandy.

  • Frances said:

    Rizzo! Strong, confident, witty and tough-I always wanted to be like her!

  • Katie Evans said:

    Danny, he’s a bit stupid, but you’ve gotta love him 🙂

  • I Carlisle said:


  • helen d said:

    Danny is my favourite i remember watching grease as a child i loved it!

  • nicola said:

    mine is sandy, she is so innocent, and pure, kids these days arent like her, pity as todays kids grow up to fast

    Plus reat voice 🙂

  • Pat Green said:

    Danny – was sexy and funny!

  • Tamsin W said:

    I like rizzo, she’s feisty and confident!

  • John said:

    Danny as he was just the coolest!

  • Samantha Lea said:

    Sandy, she was what every girl wanted to be

  • Laura Asplin said:

    Sandy of course, because she is so sweet!

  • mel crumpton said:


  • susan greig said:

    Sandy – every girls dream

  • kay Greenwood said:

    frenchy – beauty school drop out inspired me to become a beautician

  • gemma foster said:

    sandy ultimate girl!

  • Victoria Morrison said:

    Rizzo! Such self confidence.

  • Karen stephenson said:

    FRENCHIE …. She’s sensitive , diplomatic , a great friend and shoulder to cry on but vulnerable and sometimes misunderstood … She’s a friend that every girl should have ❤️

  • Floss said:

    Danny. Obvious, but what a dude!

  • Corinne Henson said:

    It has to be Danny as I had a major crush on him when I was younger 🙂

  • Anna M said:

    Danny. Let’s face it, he was pretty hot back in those days!! 🙂

  • Debbie Gilbert said:

    Rizzo, shes gutsy and feisty but underneath vulnerable

  • leon said:

    It has to be rizzo .. her song ” there are worse things I could do ” makes the film for me .. all the stars were amazing but she shines brighter . .

  • Philip Darling said:

    Rizzo – what a character, strong and independent

  • John Seaman said:


  • Chloe said:

    Danny – well just because he is damn hot! They don’t make them like they use to!

  • Tom Baines said:

    Betty Rizzo…boss pink lasy, wild, a bit crazy and desperate for love…goes through the emotions and trauma of thinkin she is pregnant an the relief when she isnt a lesson for all young girls

  • Katy Malkin said:

    Rizzo as she was bold!

  • alisha said:

    Sandy… oh she such a lovely cutie

  • barry sadler said:


  • sam said:

    most surely Danny as he finds the strength in himself to change for the woman he loves, but then, rather luckily, finds out she has changed into leather so he can go back to being himself. Sorry if I have spoiled the plot for anyone.

  • Lucy M said:


  • Lucy said:



  • Laura said:


  • Kelly banbury said:

    Rizzo is everything I love about brighton. Loud, proud and a little bit dirty!

  • Taz Coleman said:


  • Taz Coleman said:


  • emma said:

    Definetly Rizzo for her quirky personality.. And she is sexy and cool 🙂
    Get your kicks while your still young enough to get them !

  • Sam said:

    Kenickie – handsome.

  • Ashley said:

    Got to be sandy , so confident and happy

  • Laura Baker said:

    Rizzo because she’s feisty and cool

  • Lesley said:

    Rizzo – love it that she speaks her mind! 🙂

  • Natalie Webster said:

    It has to be Kenickie. He wasn’t afraid to dream big, he’s hilarious and he has an undying loyalty to his friends. Gotta be impressed his splits during the handjive scene!

  • Bob Clark said:

    Sandy – the perfect heroine

  • Jenny Brady said:

    Rizzo, she was full of confidence and was true in who she wanted to be.

  • Rich Tyler said:

    Rizzo, she was sexy, cool, awesome! 🙂

  • Lucy said:

    Got to be Rizzo!!!

  • Gemma said:

    Rizzo! She is a proper feminist!

  • Laura Nice said:

    Rizzo she is raw, truthful and blunt!

  • Debi Gillard said:

    Rizzo (gutsy and funny)

  • Chris Cleave said:

    Frenchy, a nice girl who tries to be good but ends up having a disaster at tinting class.

  • leanne weir said:


  • Jodie Holyoake said:

    Hard to say just one, but Sandy simply because of how she is in the last song, “You’re the one that I want”!

  • Natasha said:

    Oh Sandy for sure….. Woo hoo hoo hunni. Oh so want to win this and my birthday is the 4th September!

  • Barrie Bangert said:

    The is only one sandy

  • David Reeves said:

    Rizzo – antsy, mouthy and sarcastic, but not quite as tough as she likes to project!

  • Ben Audsley said:

    Rizzo – shes awesome!

  • Jo Carroll said:

    Danny…John Travolta is so young in the film, it’s funny seeing him act so dumb when it comes to the ladies. Be Cool man! 😉

  • heather brannan said:

    Frenchy – anyone who dies their hair baby pink is my kinda gal.

  • Angela Walker said:

    Danny is just so cool and charming

  • Rhia Drew said:

    Sandy! She’s awesome 😀

  • Stuart Bayley said:

    Rizzo. She’s cool, sarcastic, and beautiful. What more do you need?

  • Chris Davies said:

    Rizzo – he would always make me laugh

  • Linsdey C said:

    Rizzo, strong and no nonsense

  • jennie kerley said:

    Danny – Who Else ?

  • Jane Berrow said:

    Sandy – what an excellent role model of how to wear tight trousers

  • Sarah Gardiner said:

    Hot Sandy – Tell me about it stud! Can’t really pick one character but she is pretty hot at the end.

  • Deb rooney said:

    Danny a real charrmer

  • Janet Humphrey said:

    Sandy, i wanted to be her as a child.

  • Suzanne O'Neill said:

    I like Frenchie cos i’d love her prink hair!

  • Stephen Fowler said:

    Sandy for the obvious reasons. 🙂

  • Michelle Banks said:

    oh has to be Frenchy, shes amazing, and so funny! oh i love grease so much!

  • ingrid north said:


  • Pauline Ziedins said:

    Betty Rizzo , hard on the outside soft on the inside

  • Chloe Bingham said:

    It’s got to be Sandy, her sass and style is brilliant.

  • Nancy Bradford said:

    Sandy. She has the biggest “journey” in the movie. I always wanted to be her when I was young.

  • SandraB said:


  • Mike Terry said:

    Sandy – Gorgeous! And still is.

  • Janie L said:

    Rizzo the sarcastic but vulnerable tart with a heart!

  • Kai N said:

    Danny, hes just so handsome 😛

  • Pm liu said:

    Sandy Olsson cos I love how she was the shy and sweet girl who turns out to be the sassy confident wild girl after

  • Carol P said:

    I loved Danny❤️

  • David Holland said:

    Rizzo 🙂

    She keeps it real!

  • Amy Beckett said:

    Love Rizzo heart and soul of the party. Last month we went to a Grease murder mystery which was so good.

  • Bob Fox said:

    Frenchie – kind hearted, funny and a fabulous hair styist!

  • Heather Brannan said:

    Sandy – loved it when she got all done up in her leather gear and made her hair super curly!

  • Maria soady said:

    Sandy . Best singer

  • michelle harris said:

    sandy I guess!

  • Rebecca Shelton said:

    got to be sandy for me especially at the end when shes all dressed up

  • Gill Thomas said:

    Betty Arizona – cos she was ones sassy lady who knew her own mind !

  • karen railton said:


  • Lindsay Partridge said:

    Danny – who couldn’t love John Travolta as Dannnnnnnny….. loved him in Grease
    and everything after…

  • Cheryl Kean said:

    oh has to be Danny he’s so cool and hot….

  • Mary Baldwin said:

    Rizzo, as she seemed to have such a character and never showed anybody her true feelings.

  • trevor linvell said:

    Danny as he was cool

  • Sarah Cook said:

    Like a lot of these guys Rizzo is my favourite character…I mean let’s face it…”There are worse things I could do” 😉

  • Margaret Nokling said:

    Has to be Sandy any girls role model.

  • Elizabeth Briggs said:

    I love Frenchy because that is who I am most like 🙂

  • Kaz S said:

    Rizzo – one feisty lady and a whole lot more interesting than drippy Sandy!!

  • Sheila Sloan said:

    I like Rizzo – so cocky, but so vulnerable.

  • Laura winkless said:

    Risotto, she’s so risqué!

  • Laura winkless said:

    Rizzo (darn autocorrect!!!) ^^^^

  • sue southursts said:

    danny – just a dream

  • Lynsey Spraggs said:

    Rizzo, love that shes a bad girl and doesn’t play by the rules.

  • Lesley Simpson said:

    Rizzo is the best – love this film

  • Saran Benjamin said:

    Danny of course…I use to swoon over his picture on my wall all those years ago ha ha

  • Linda C said:

    Danny he’s hot cool and got all the moves

  • tina renn said:

    my fav has to be Danny he is hot and a cool dude

  • kirsty cooper said:

    Frenchy, because she is so bubbly and funny 🙂

  • Andrea Jefferson said:

    RIZZO she is sassy and knows how to sass people

  • tracey grevatt said:

    Sandy as she`s so sweet and beautiful

  • chelsey wood said:

    Rizzo definately! she’s just like me, misunderstood. Shes a hardnut on the outside but she still has feelings like any other person, plus i love her perm!

  • donna l jones said:

    rizzo she makes me laugh

  • Anthea Holloway said:

    I like Sandy because she is a character that we could model ourselves on.

  • Dominique Ralf said:

    Frenchy, such a sweet person, but I fancied the pants off of Danny with that smile of his.

  • Donna Caldwel. said:


  • katrina walsh said:

    We love Rizzo – so sassy




    Sandy xxx

  • zoe said:

    I love Frenchie, shes just the wannabe like me!

  • Shelley Formstone said:

    Danny. Why? Systematic, hydromatic, automatic. Greased lightening!!

  • Lindsey Philpot said:

    danny 🙂

  • Andrea Smith said:

    Sandy, because she had a great transformation (apart from the smoking!!)

  • Eleanor Powell said:


  • Petra Hora said:


  • Fiona Foskett said:

    EUGENE – He is so dorky but very sweet at the same time and you feel sorry for him because he is often at the brunt of every ones jokes. x

  • Jamie Berwick said:

    Sandy – reminds me of my daughter!

  • Annmarie Nutt said:


  • Amy cumpsty said:

    Patty Simcox! She was so over the top & gushy! “We’ll be life-long friends!!” X

  • Georgina Davies said:

    danny who dosen’t love travoltra

  • Christine OPrey said:

    Sandy is my favourite 🙂

  • Kimberley Howes said:

    Danny of course he’s hot and kind hearted

  • eloise mccarthy said:

    Has to be Rizzo 🙂 tough but with a deep heart of gold 🙂

  • SUSAN L HALL said:

    Rizzo – cool chic

  • Nat thomason said:

    Danny he was so handsome 🙂

  • Gemma Matthews said:

    My fave is frenchie, shes a ditzy doll like me

  • Jamie Millard said:

    Frenchie. She’s just so random

  • pam Hutchinson kelly said:

    Rizzo he’s sexy

  • pam Hutchinson kelly said:


  • John Mcgovern said:

    Sandy because of her transformation from sweet & innocent to hot.

  • Rachel King said:

    Rizzo – I wanted to be her, so cool and rebellious!

  • Maria Jane Knight said:

    I love Frenchie…..she is still finding herself and isnt sure what she wants from life. Plus she is super kind to Sandy.

  • EMMA SANSOM said:


  • Michelle Clarke said:

    Rizzo because she had such a personality, hard on the outside but soft on the inside

  • Fi Gee said:

    Danny – too cool for school!

  • Stephanie Whitehouse said:

    Sandy – but am I wrong to like her better before?

  • Shara Allnutt said:


  • Jacqueline Roberts said:

    Kenickie I always thought he was the most handsome and the coolest. I went off Danny when my Mum said he was gormless lol

  • Jemma Defroand said:

    Kenickie, he’s hilarious!

  • Becci Cleary said:

    Sonny, he’s so goofy and he ‘takes no crap from nobody’ he makes me giggle 🙂

  • Steve Johnson said:


  • George Worboys Wright said:

    Rizzo, she was an interesting character & the looks she gave & the faces she pulled were enough to make me laugh!

  • Jenifer said:

    Rizzo …because there were worse things she could do, than go with a boy or two! 🙂

  • Emma rogers said:

    Rizzo because she is wild!

  • Kristyn Harris said:

    I love Sandy because she is sassy, sexy, honest and gorgeously naive. I looked up to her when I was growing up! 🙂

  • lesley doodnath said:

    Danny – i thought he was so cool

  • Eleanor P said:

    Sandy has always been my favourite character!

  • Carrie said:

    cha cha degorio – I got to play her when we produced Grease at uni

  • Catherine Gregory said:

    Rizzo because she’s all front but underneath as vulnerable as the rest of us

  • Julia Gray said:

    Danny beacuse he was cool.

  • SIMON CHILDS said:


  • Jackie ONeill said:

    Danny so cool but oh so hot too xx

  • Natalie Crossan said:

    Rizo as she’s so misunderstood

  • Jennifer cairns said:

    Sandy love the singing

  • Kathryn Casbolt said:

    It has to be Sandy – such a transformation. I always wanted to be her – so I could dance with John Travolta!

  • Alisa Moore said:

    Rizzo for her attitude

  • Emily said:

    Sandy of course, because she gets Danny!

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