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Win a Lindy Bop vintage-style dress

3 May 2015 194 Comments

Hen party and wedding season brings the best excuse there is to buy new look-at-me summer dresses. And if you’re looking for something flirty, feminine and Fifties-inspired, we may have found the repro brand for you…

Lindybop Audrey dress

Lindy Bop specialise in all of the above and with styles in dozens of colour and print combinations you’ll be spoilt for choice (or may just have to buy a few – you know what they say about having found a good thing…)

Lindy Bop reproduction vintage-style dresses

To celebrate the start of the spring/summer social calendar, we’ve teamed up with the online boutique to give away one of their best-selling styles – the sleeveless Audrey swing dress.

Lindy Bop Audrey Dream Flowers Dress

Inspired film star and style icon Audrey Hepburn, the fully-lined cotton beauty boasts a feminine fit and flare shape, bateau neckline, fitted bodice and matching removable fabric tie.


For your chance to win your very own Audrey (worth £29.99) in the style and size of your choice, simply comment below telling us where you’d wear it.

Lindy Bop Audrey Dream Flowers Dress

This competition is open to UK residents only and closes at 12 midday Sunday 10 May 2015. The winner will be picked at random and contacted on the email address they use to leave a comment on this blog post. Their details will then be passed on to Lindy Bop to fulfil the prize.

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  • chiara said:

    I’m a swing lover and I really enjoy dancing! I think I’d wear this pretty dress at the Como Swing Crash in June! 🙂

  • Enora Poco said:

    I would wear it for the vintage bike ride “Beret Baguette” in Paris in june, it would be the perfect dress for a Parisian pique nique and bike ride!

  • Helen G said:

    Ooooh, there are so many gorgeous prints! I’m off to Washington D.C on my hols this year, so it would definitely be accompanying me on a night out or two over there 🙂

  • Sharon said:

    Aww, lovely dresses! Would be perfect for the summer photo shoot with hubby, no location yet 🙂

  • Brenda Bergin said:

    Love..ideal for me when I am showcasing my Jewellery Biz.

  • Emily Frazier said:

    I’d wear it in my next pin-up shoot. 🙂

  • Natasha Paris said:

    I’m hoping to spend my Summer working as a Summer Camp Counsellor in the U.S., I’d love one of these stunning dresses to wear on my nights off 🙂 x

  • indyjes said:

    To a reunion tea with girl friends I’ve not seen in years 🙂

  • donna brown said:

    Granddaughters christening ❤️

  • Jenni Carroll said:


  • Rebecca Belshaw said:

    Job interview

  • Sheryl Granholm said:

    I would wear it to my cousin’s wedding! 🙂

  • Daniella Smith said:

    My graduation 🙂

  • Amanda said:

    Awards Gala!

  • Wendy Jones said:

    Grandson’s chiristening

  • Dawn said:

    My brother’s wedding this summer.

  • Adrianna Scoulding said:

    My birthday

  • Amber Lyn Sears said:

    Engagement pictures

  • Louisa Westlake said:

    I have 3 weddings this year – would love to wear another Lindy Bop to one of them 😀

  • Janann Paine said:


  • Amanda Trevy said:

    Been looking for a dress for my brothers wedding on the 4th of july but im spoilt for choice in your shop lol

  • Stacey Louise Hudson said:

    Out for drinks with my bestfriend x

  • Mari said:

    Would wear it for just the love of wearing it! It does not need a special occasion to feel fabulous in Lindy Bop dress!

  • Laurie Yarr said:

    Id wear to my goddaughters christening. As godparent i would have to look extra special and one of these dresses would be perfect 🙂

  • Lea Sara Jennison said:

    Date night with my man and summer days ❤️

  • Tarcila Stein said:

    During my travel to Brazil to see my mom!

  • kira c said:

    i would wear this on my honeymoon to my soon to be hubby x

  • kerry R said:

    If i won id wear my new dress for My birthday (9th june) 🙂

  • Livvi said:

    I’d wear it to my friend’s wedding – it’s 50s themed! xx

  • Laura Farrell said:

    Any time I wear these dresses all the time. ♡ these dresses. Feel so good in them x

  • Evita Gelderman said:

    I’ve got two weddings (my sister and my mom) to attend in august and a couple of gigs with my band….soooo….I’m in desperate need of a nnew dress 🙂

  • Amber K English said:

    Everywhere is where I’d wear it. To clean at home, to shop at the stores, to show off at the park… oh the millions of places to wear those dresses!

  • Richard Taylor said:

    I am a Jehovah’s Witness and love these dresses as they are modest yet classy, don’t show too much flesh. I wear my LB dresses pretty much wherever but I love that they are smart and can wear them to the kingdom hall, our place of worship. Hugs xx
    (Jade…using hubbies FB haha)

  • Charlotte Butler said:

    I would wear it on a steam train ride i’m going on in june

  • Laura Morrison said:

    We’re going abroad for the first time with our little girl! I have been working hard to loose my baby weight and have done 2 stone in 11 weeks so deserve a nice new dress!

  • Kayleigh Shaw said:

    I would wear this to my cousins wedding. They are just beautiful x

  • Kellyann Moriarty said:

    A night out with my hubby. XxxX

  • Yvonne Whincup said:

    To my friends wedding, then to the regional convention and then wear just because I can 😉

  • Yvonne Whincup said:

    You definitely need a new Lindy Bop for the Regional Convention. So do I for that matter, but I agree, perfect dresses for the meetings.

  • Phoebe L'amour said:

    I’d wear it during my trip back to my hometown this summer during the 4th of July! I haven’t been able to go back in over 3 years, so one of these lovelies would be great for some summertime fun with people I haven’t seen in yonks!

  • Elle Chettle said:

    Would wear it to my 5th anniversary meal. We’re going away for the night and this would be so perfect for the restaurant to celebrate 🙂

  • Sandrine Martins said:

    would wear it for a garden party with the Queen 😉

  • Jocelyn said:

    I would wear it to my husband’s 30th birthday barbeque this July, I should still fit into it before my baby bump gets too big!! 🙂

  • Gayle Mitchelmore said:

    I have seven weddings this year and would love to not have to recycle the same dress for each one!! 🙂

  • Renee Alarcon said:

    Our outdoor vow renewal in May, to church, just because I can!

  • Kacie Huson said:

    I would wear it out on a date night with my husband.

  • Angela Is said:

    I’d wear it everywhere everyday as never owned a dress due to lack of funds lol

  • pauline halpin said:

    I’m going to a wedding next month and I know I would look good in one

  • Kate Underdown said:

    I would wear it on a date with a petticoat and probably secure a second one just by showing up in it 😉 x

  • Ann-Marie Marsh said:

    I’d wear it just to boost my confidence. Been very low since very messy divorce x

  • Anne Sampson said:

    I would wear this dress to the many car shows that I go to in the summer

  • Elisabeth Keough said:

    I’d where it on a homicidal killing spree :D:D:D Or just out for a coffee/ tea with friends!

  • Lyra said:

    I’d wear it to the retro photo shoot I’m going to do to celebrate my seven stone weight loss!

  • Holly Ruscoe said:

    I’d wear this to my friends wedding at the end of next month and to my date where I’m meeting his parents. Be sure to wow them in it. They love this sort of thing like me 🙂

  • Kathy Werner said:

    Anywhere!! I love and wear dresses every day (and aprons) so would wear it, and love it, shopping, church, out to lunch, etc.

  • Janice barnes said:

    I would wear it on my post retirement holiday (37 years NHS nursing) going to New York to celebrate. Happy days

  • Holly Mcgregor said:

    To my boyfriends best friends wedding in Buxton

  • Victoria Symons said:

    I would wear it to my husband’s sisters wedding in Spain

  • Mhairi Gray said:

    To school, I may be a primary teacher but I don’t have to dress likecone 😉

  • Sally Jane Ransom said:

    I’d wear it to work, who says office life shouldn’t be glamorous?

  • sarah said:

    Im planning a vintage style tea party for my 30th so it would be great to have a lovely dress too x

  • Laura Masters said:

    I would wear it everywhere and anywhere!!! With a dress as gorgeous as these who needs a reason. However, I can imagine myself sipping cocktails in a pub garden on a beautiful summers day, looking fab in a beautiful dress!

  • Keri Davis said:

    I have a couple of these dresses and would like another .I love them all xxx

  • Tara said:

    I’m going on a date in a few wks…..would love to wear it!

  • Kathi said:

    To my Birthday… 🙂

  • Rachel said:

    I love to would wear this to my graduation. Thank you <3

  • Helen brown said:

    For my birthday xx stunning dresses xx

  • Lara D'Ivoire said:

    I have a business meeting at work presenting the results of my master thesis, I’d love to wear this dress <3

  • Lynn said:

    On my body 🙂

  • Danielle said:

    Where wouldn’t I wear it, would be a better question. I’d where that dress EVERYWHERE!! 🙂 ( daniellecorrelle@aol.com )

  • 蓮の花 モコ said:

    I’d wear it every random summer days I’d like to wear it !

  • Myra Gonzalez said:

    I would wear this to my rehearsal dinner in June… and then again on the honeymoon… and again at least once a week after!

  • Karen Mawdesley said:

    my daughter would love to wear one to her prom..she would look amazing in it and would look beautful with her victory roll hair style she is having..x

  • Pam Taylor said:

    My daughter would rock out at her School Leavers Valedictory Prom in July

  • CherryPulp said:

    I would wear it the weekend, like my other Lindy Bop dresses to go shopping and then to the restaurant with my dear David 😉

  • Delirium . said:

    I would wear it to Ink-N-Iron in Long Beach.

  • Melissa Baublitz said:

    I’d wear it on a picnic with my husband and child 🙂

  • Jana Noninka Bukovská said:

    i would wear in Prague 😀

  • Kyla Higham said:

    I would wear it when I am finally well enough to go out on a date with my fiancé again (I’ve been signed off for 2 months now 🙁 ) as I lost over a stone and now nothing fits me! This would really cheer me up!

  • Maria Bright said:

    I would wear it any day but especially for my first wedding anniversary in August x

  • Gemma Zapata said:

    I’d give it to my cousin, as her bridesmaid dress for my wedding this July 🙂

  • Christine Constable said:

    I’d wear it in the park, when I’m out for a lark, I’d wear it after dark, when love will find a spark.

  • Erica Worthy said:

    I would wear it whenever & wherever I wanted to feel beautiful. Lindy Bop makes great dresses!

  • Rebecca Taylor said:

    My son’s school is having a 1950s themed picnic to celebrate the opening of their new extension (original school was built on the 1950s). It’s 1950s dress for parents too, so a gorgeous new Audrey dress (the Scuba blue is beautiful) would be great!

  • Karen Maclean said:

    my nephew’s wedding in july. love these style of dresses xx

  • Denae Heffernan said:


  • Tina Morling said:

    It’d be perfect for my sister-in-laws wedding this july 🙂

  • Vicky Watts said:

    I’d love an Audrey dress would wear it for our 3rd wedding anniversary and for a family wedding too x

  • Stephanie Cheng said:

    I’d wear it with pride at my friend’s wedding this summer!

  • Anastasia Khymnyuk said:

    I don’t think I could bear to wear the dress only for special occasions, so I’d wear it wherever and whenever I could to show how fabulous I am.

  • athina vl said:

    I would wear it at my Master’s graduation this summer..Next stop Greece.. I love retro pieces, I love feeling unique..!

  • Mel Hayward said:

    I’d wear it with full 50s hair and make-up, a full petticoat and gorgeous shoes to a funky little American diner we have down here in Cornwall (UK) and get lots of awesome photos! Might have a cheeky burger while I’m there too 😉 xx

  • Adele Black said:

    I would love to wear it for my wedding anniversary night out at the midland hotel in Morecambe

  • Meg Dixon said:

    All day, everyday! With the biggest smile on my face! Beautiful! X X X

  • sara said:

    I would wear it everywhere. But first to the 50’s diner ♡

  • Clare Andtribe Leahy said:

    its my 40th birthday this year … i would love to be wearing it then 😀

  • Misty Eve Gonzalez said:

    To my bridal shower <3 My niece wore one of the kid's ones for her soon-to-be-sister's baby shower and will be in one for my wedding as the flower girl. She would love to match with me for the wedding shower now too! (I already have the mocha as well for my engagement photos. Love this company!!!)

  • Cinnamongrl said:

    To my friend’s vintage style wedding party!

  • queenie98 said:

    I’d wear it everywhere cause it’s stunning and a shame to save for just 1 day x

  • carly pierro said:

    Everywhere in the summer. Aldi, the park, my daughters school, the petrol station??!!!

  • Amanda Fisher said:

    To a wedding in August, I had a baby girl just ten weeks ago and this dress would be perfect for our first official engagement.

  • Hannah Lynn Ellithorpe said:

    So pretty.

  • Jordane Roberts said:

    Id absolutely love to win won of these to wear for my graduation this summer! I am so excited to finally finish my 4 year degree and it would be even better to see it off in style 😉

  • Kelly-Marie Stirling said:

    I would love one, I have two very different weddings to attended this summer in two different cities and I would love a dress I could wear to both and show off my not only an amazing dress but my vintage style…than after that I’ll wear anywhere I possibly can

  • Kirstie Kenton said:

    would love to win one for my summer holiday

  • Melanie Salt said:

    Fabulous id wear it to a charity event im arranging for dementia care some of the guests have dementia the faces would be lovely even though dementia takes some memory it leaves the older memories for most and some would remember the fashion from then xxxx

  • Maria said:

    I need to use my new heart shaped picnic basket so I’d love to wear it for a picnic! And ohmygosh it also comes in midnight velvet?

  • Sally Nikki Brown said:

    I wouldwear it to my friends wedding

  • Lea Varla said:

    I would where it every chance I got, but “the premiere” would probably be at an upcoming vintage festival, Dolce Vita. 🙂

  • Sarah Spicer said:

    Who needs an excuse to wear any of these Beauties! Seriously though I am going to a Bootleg Beatles gig soon and don’t have a thing to wear….

  • Tara Hewitt said:

    Being winter here now I’d have to wait for Spring – winery anniversary picnic, my birthday. Any time the suns out long enough in Tasmania lol

  • Sara K said:

    It’s a gorgeous dress and I’d wear it to celebrate with my boyfriend when he gets sworn in to the police.

  • Amberraex0 said:

    I would wear this dress on any old day just to look GLAMOROUS!

  • Anya Graves said:

    I would wear this to my next big burlesque performance! <3

  • Kim Howes said:

    I’d wear it to my local county fair it’s so cute

  • Jodi Dynan said:

    I would wear it any day because beautiful dresses are made to be worn!

  • Bhevarri said:

    I’d wear it to my Graduation celebration dinner!! Getting my Bachelor’s FINALLY!!! <3 This would make such a rad present! ;D ( bhevarri @ yahoo.com < not sure if my email is properly attached to my screenname here!)

  • petra said:

    I would give it to my sister for our special girly night out. X

  • Jo Grimes said:

    So perfect for an afternoon tea birthday/wedding anniversary party I’m going to!

  • Grannybiker said:

    I’d wear this for a special lunch with some special friends who are FAB!

  • Mibs Bayliss said:

    I would wear this every where and anywhere! A dress like that needs showing off everyday

  • Rhiannon Murray said:

    I would wear it to my friends wedding this summer and then I would probably wear it every time it was sunny

  • christine szlobodnik said:

    I’d wear it to my mum in law’s 🙂 to show it off 😛 & i’d also wear to special dates with my hubby2be & other parties too xx

  • Michaela Atkins said:

    nights out. my friends wedding a christening at xmas school run u name it it yes please x

  • Collette Hughes said:

    I adore Lindy Bop dresses! I have been mooning over these dresses for a while now! I have been working hard to loose weight and finally feel I have the confidence to really show off my love of vintage style. I have a wedding on the 12th June where I really want to look and feel beautiful I feel one of these dresses could really help me achieve this. I could do a fantastic OOTD post on my blog as well!

    Collette x

  • Pete McLaughlin said:

    I’d give it to my lovely, brave wife to wear when I take her out for tea after chemo – before the side effects start to kick in!

  • Rachael Taylor said:

    To my friend’s wedding in August! It’s beautiful! Good luck everyone! Xx

  • Lynn Potts said:

    To the ‘wedding of the year’ (My mother in laws wedding in August!)

  • Naomi Margaret Louisa said:

    To my wedding anniversary dinner and then everyday possible 😉 xxx

  • Competitions Only said:

    to the races in June and again in August – this dress deserves to be seen! x

  • Holly Brown said:

    to my daughters first birthday! xo

  • Vickie Hill said:

    To my friends wedding next week then for our first anniversary next month x

  • Karen Smith said:

    I just love these dresses. I would be over the moon to win one of them.

  • Kayleigh Mummy Twell said:

    To my 2nd daughter’s christening once she’s born in August x

  • Amy Christian said:

    i have a wedding, my first ever proper one to go to!! i’ve had more then 10 funerals the last few years..need a colourful dress!!!

  • Lily Mc Garry said:

    Wedding in August 🙂

  • Alison Louise Doyle said:

    I have recently joined slimming world so I’d get it in a smaller size so I have an amazing dress to wear once I reach target <3

  • Hannah O'Gorman said:

    I’d wear it to my uni’s garden party in June, a last hurrah before all my friends graduate!

  • kate andrews said:

    There are lots of plane’sactivist year Inc my cousins joint 40th birthday party, my Brother-in-law’s wedding and my works summer ban. Would love a dress that would do all these occasions justice’s and have me feeling fabulous!

  • Stewart Osborn said:

    Would give it to my wife x

  • Karen Constable said:

    To the Goodwood Revival in September, or whilst I’m out shopping in town.

  • Rachel War said:

    I’d wear it for my 25th birthday in August. I don’t normally celebrate my birthday but this year I want to change that & celebrate in style!

  • Becky Magson said:

    I would wear my Audrey dress to a wedding I’ve been invited to at the end of May! But it’s too cute to limit to just a special occasion so I’d wear it to a lovely summer picnic or two. 🙂

  • Joanna Peter said:

    I’d wear it on a summer picnic with friends.

  • Kirsty Wriglesworth said:

    For a wedding in the summer.

  • Gemma Caunce said:

    Just because it’s beautiful! Every lady deserves to feel beautiful even if they don’t leave the house ♡

  • Catherine Marsh said:

    To my leaving do, because it’s a beautiful dress. Most of my colleagues have only seen me in uniform!

  • Amanda Gann Gayler said:

    For my daughter to wear to her “vintage hollywood” band banquet <3

  • Lisa Mayles said:

    to my brothers 40th birthday

  • Shona-Marie Parsons said:

    I would wear it to the ride of respect which is in aid of fallen people in the war, as its a beautiful dress and deserves to be seen

  • Caroline Santos said:

    To a lovely summer’s day picnic on the beach with my boyfriend, bubbles and buns.

  • louise said:

    To my mother-in-laws 88 birthday

  • Jes Agnew said:

    I would wear it anywhere and every where!

  • Zoe Hemmett said:

    I would wear it… all day every day. They are lushhhh!

  • Emily Clark said:

    To my brothers graduation, this summer. 🙂

  • SquirrelyGirl said:


  • Jennie Kay said:

    One of my dearest friends weddings in June, then everywhere thereafter!

  • Michelle said:

    Dancing at Blackpool Tower Ballroom! : )

  • Clare Moloney said:

    The Goodwood Revival!

  • Christine Hall said:

    For my son’s wedding

  • Anja Grubelnik said:

    To swing dance nights ;))

  • Helen Corne said:

    To a summer ball and daughter and sons christening (when we’ve arranged it!)

  • Elzbieta Znyk said:

    on my brother’s wedding xx

  • Lesley Twidale said:

    To our boat clubs 65th anniversary party. Fifties theme, so perfect. X

  • claire mcguigan said:

    I would wear it to my friends wedding, which will also be the 1st night out my husband and I have had in over a year….so need to dress to impress

  • Bear said:

    I would wear it to do standup in, to swing dance in the park to the local jazz band, to photograph graffiti in, I would find any wonderful excuse to wear this dress!!

  • mellanie forster said:

    To my granddaughter christening☺

  • Hannah Brady said:

    I would wear it to my university graduation this summer; it’s been a long road to get there and I wasn’t always sure I would – so I want to look my very best!

  • Rebecca Volterman-Breaks said:

    To a car show or gig this summer 🙂

  • Tiffaney Abbatello said:

    I’d wear my dress to the zoo!

  • Henky said:

    To a dinner date with my husband 🙂

  • Caz Blackburn said:

    To my friend’s wedding xx

  • Dorotea Mićović said:

    I would wear it wherever I go 🙂 and of course photo shoot ^^

  • Jara Kirby said:

    I would wear it anywhere and everywhere! Work, weddings, dates-seriously, any chance I got.

  • Debbie Stavert said:

    I have a night away with hubby next month this would be fab, he never sees me in a dress lol


    would love to wear one of these gorgeous dresses on a date out with my husband

  • Jayne Wilson said:

    For my 40th anniversary when we renew our vows

  • Chloe Dowling said:

    Anytime during the summer, as its a beautiful summery dress! x

  • Sandy Ralph said:

    to my friends wedding

  • Kim Jones said:

    I’d wear it to the shops, for my wedding, making a cup of tea, in bed! I love, love, love these dresses, so glam.

  • Pretty Prizes said:

    At home.

  • Shirley Revill said:

    Would wear this dress everywhere as it’s so beautiful.Perfect for special occasions or for everyday. Wherever you go you will always be belle of the ball in this special dress.

  • Mrs Patricia Ashbridge said:

    To my 45th wedding anniversary party as I love vintage and it would bring back so many great memories and I love fashion,,

  • Lesley Cohen Wright said:

    would love this for my daughters 40th birthday this year

  • jane orford said:

    for my daughters graduation

  • Kathryn Drew said:

    I would wear this to every and any place i could 😀 It’s a beautiful dress which deserves to be worn as often as possible.

  • lucy said:

    To wear to Brighton beach as my last goodbye, before I leave London after 5 yearsx

  • Bantersauruslex said:

    To my boyfriend’s gig in Cornwall (he plays in a 50s blues tribute band)

  • Elizabeth Ann Parker said:

    I would wear this dress to my beautiful friends wedding❤️

  • Sarah Keer said:

    To a summer bbq party. Love lindy bop style xx

  • Beverly Johnstone said:

    To all the festivals i’m going to 🙂

  • Hannah Bee Griffin said:

    I would wear this dress everywhere, the school run, Sainsburys, there are lot of flower shows coming up and it would be lovely to have a new dress to wear, but most of all I would love to wear it to the seaside

  • Katherine Dore said:

    I would wear it to my nieces christening where im going to be her godmother.

  • Denise Barker said:

    I’d wear it on my first date!:)
    I’m back out dating after three years of recovering from my ex.

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