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Win a pair of original jelly sandals

24 August 2013 23 Comments

Remember these? The sandals of so many of our childhoods, the single shoes so many of us lost to the sea? Well they’re back (not those ones from the sea) and in no small part thanks to a Worthing mother who wouldn’t settle for the China-made copies flooding the European market.

Méduse jelly sandals

Created in France in 1946, the original fisherman-style Méduse Sun jelly sandals earned themselves a special place in fashion history when a craze for the brightly-coloured footwear hit Europe in the 1980s and 1990s. And when Kelly White moved to Worthing two years ago, she started a search for the sandals she remembered from her childhood so that she and her children could play on the pebbly beach.

Méduse jelly sandals

“I eventually stumbled across these original French jelly sandals online and fell in love with the story behind the brand, not to mention the jellies themselves which were just like I remembered but even better as they now came in a rainbow of over 20 colours!”

Kelly discovered that a Frenchman first created jelly shoes during the leather shortage following World War II, when they were given the nickname Méduse, meaning jellyfish. With the sandals still being made in France, using traditional injection moulding techniques and high quality PVC, she became convinced that there would be demand for the shoes in the UK and founded her company Sun Jellies to bring them to our shores.

Méduse jelly sandals

“I thought that other people were likely to have fond memories of the jellies from their childhood and this combined with the authentic retro design and the fun, practical features made me confident that it would be a good business to run from home while my children are young.”

Now sold online at www.sunjellies.com, through shops in London and Manchester and at Brighton vintage boutique Wolf & Gypsy, the business is going from strength to strength.

Méduse jelly sandals

Enter the competition

To try and tempt an Indian summer down to the South Coast, we’re giving away a pair of original Méduse Sun jelly sandals to one lucky reader!

To be in with a chance of winning a pair in the size and colour of your choice (subject to availability) simply leave a comment below sharing your childhood memories of jelly sandals – or even a story from the not-to-distant past.

Méduse jelly sandals

Deadline for entries is midnight Sunday 8 September and a winner will be chosen at random and contacted via the e-mail address used to leave their comment in the week commencing 9 September.

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  • Sophie duke said:

    Jelly shoes are one of my favourites.
    Love to have them in all colours, to suit my moods and outfits.
    They are a big child hood memorie wearing them with my summer
    Dresses at school, to wearing them out on the weekend.
    I had matching ones to my mums. Clear, black and white.
    Plus when I travelled Australia I had pink ones so some
    Cool memories there too.
    If I was to have a pair now they would be clear or red to wear at work and then funk up a simple outfit.
    X Sophie x

  • Beth said:

    I’ve always loved the look of Jellie shoes, and not that long ago I saw they started to come back into fashion and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a pair! I told my mum that I was looking for some and she said ‘I used to dress you in them with a pinafore when you were little!’

    So I ordered myself a pair of black and yellow jellies online, and got myself a pinafore.

    How fashion changes.

  • Penny said:

    I grew up in Weymouth so I was practically raised on the beach! And a traditional British beach it is too; red and white stripes, Punch and Judy, candyfloss, yellow sand and blue seas and WEAVER FISH! A common issue here, hiding in the sand in wait of lovely little toes to sting. So every year when the sun arrived, our mum would let us choose our colour jellies and off we’d run for another weaver free summer of fun!

    I can’t look at jelly sandals without instantly being taken back in time. I would be the happiest winner alive if I was lucky enough to win a pair of these stunning sandals 🙂

  • Emily Beeson said:

    I remember my orange jellies well. I wasn’t allowed a pair of the high-heeled ones that the other girls in my class had but I wore my flats to their death nonetheless. I also like to think my mum taught me a valuable lesson about the practicality of footwear by insisting that heels would be trouble aged 8 – they’re still trouble aged 23. I was visiting my friend’s house one day, she lived with her grandparents on a farm, and we decided to go and look at the cows. When crossing the field towards where they were all were all standing I spotted what I thought was a patch of ice – we were in the middle of a long grassy field and it was summer – got very excited and ran towards it. Before I knew it I was waist-deep in a bog of mud, water and cow mess that had been reflecting the sun, losing one of my jellies in the process. Practical for most occasions flat jelly shoes may be, but for wading through farm slick, they are not. RIP jellies.

  • Sarah said:

    I had a pair of high heeled jellies when I was a child and I absolutely loved them! They had such a lovely chunky heel, I felt so cool when I wore them.

  • Michelle said:

    When I was little I remember my favorite pair of jelly shoes were clear blue. I wore them everywhere! Jelly shoes were always my absolute favorite to wear. As I started growing up they became much harder to find. I recently went on a search for a pair of jelly shoes like I had when I was little. After many failed attempts to find exactly what I wanted, I stumbled upon Sun Jellies! I was instantly in love! Although the company is based in the UK and I live in California I still had to have a pair right away! I ordered a pair of clear Sun Jellies and I wear them just about every day. My absolute favorite pair of shoes! They go with anything and everything. I eventually want to order many different colors, but to win a pair would be absolutely amazing! Finding these shoes made me so happy and excited to be able to bring back my childhood. Every where I go someone gasps and asks me where I got them! These shoes will forever be a part of my wardrobe thanks to Sun Jellies!:)

  • Simone Hellyer said:

    I have have a vivid memory of my mum putting me in a sailor suit with sparkly jelly shoes on a day trip to Portsmouth. I remember hating the outfit at the time as a group of kids laughed at my outfit but I’d happily wear it now!!!

  • Steve said:

    I wear jellies all the time I do have other shoes but don’t wear them very much. I have eight pairs of jellies in all different colours my favourites are the yellow one’s. I get all sorts of comments about what I am wearing on my feet some very silly comments and some where people ask where they can get a pair. I get a lot of people telling me about there memories of jellies.

  • Georgie Mind said:

    I was never allowed the high heeled jelly shoes when I was a kid, my mum said they were impractical and ‘silly’, I was so jealous of my friends whose parents allowed them the oh so desire high heeled jellies. Eventually my persistence won the battle and she bought me a pair of high heeled SPARKLY jellies as an extra special treat. I was only allowed to wear them at weekends but my devious 6 year old self devised a plan to sneak them into school and show them off. I secreted them in my primary school bookbag and for about a week I changed into them at school parading them around in the playground to the envy of my friends (who had jellies but hadn’t cottoned on to the sneaking them into school book bag tactic). One of my friends dobbed me in and mum found out. My prized jellies were confiscated never to be seen again. Obviously this childhood tragedy had a subconscious affect on me and last year I found myself in new look buying a pair of sparkly heeled jellies…I was 21. Many a happy memory was made in those shoes- I lost one in the sea in france and my boyfriend, my knight in shining armour, rescued it from the seas’ cruel clutches. However, this year at Brighton’s PRIDE festival, i went for a tipsy dip in the sea and LOST my jelly for ever. My boyfriend ran in as I screamed ‘MY JELLY!” thinking he had the immortal gift of jelly retrieval. But to no avail. It was gone forever. This experience initiated a jelly orientated storytelling session which made me realise how big a part they play in so many of our childhood memories. A friend of mine told me a lovely story to console me from my jelly woes…when she was young her sister lost her jelly in the sea (it happens to us all) so every bathtime she would speak into the plughole asking the sea to give it back, she said she would do it again for me. Is this competition the realisation of her wish? Will my jelly be bought back to me?

  • Lucy Zelazowski said:

    My earliest memory is a summers day, my friend had Jellies, white ones, I liked them so much my big sister took me shopping. She brought me black ones with red cherries on the innersole.
    They were so cute, I remember it rained and jumping in puddles

  • Mia said:

    I was 4, and it was a holiday to Florida, I was wearing my red glittery jellie shoes, and we were feeding these really colourful birds, nectar or something like that, and I was so proud of the red matching outfit I had made just to go with my shoes, I felt like Dorothy from the wizard of oz, but then it all went wrong, and the birds starting pooing on us, on my matching red hat, on my top…and on my beautiful jellie shoes, it was one of the most horrible things ever, and my shoes were ruined, never again, will I allow birds to poo on my shoes, I miss those shoes so much too!

  • Freya Wynn-Jones said:

    To my dear red jelly shoes,

    Thank you for allowing me to go out really really far into the rockpools with my bucket and spade. Thank you for protecting me from the rocks under my feet and the fish that were waiting to nibble at my toes. Thank you for making my summer dresses look so pretty, for allowing long and happy days on the beach without getting cold feet and for long coastal walks with your prettiness to prevent me from ever getting bored. I will never forget you.

    Freya (age 27 and a half)

  • Clare Moloney said:

    Oh Jelly shoes , what can I say what hasn’t been said but just to clarify we all have happy memory’s of wearing summer jelly shoes when we are kids and its great they are back in fashion. Would Love to win a pair.

  • Sheira Gorris said:

    When I was little I was scared of treading on star fish. Very, very scared. My bright pink jelly sandals gave me the confidence to get in the water and splash about with confidence!

  • Penny Dreadful Vintage said:

    Oh, I am so envious of all these jelly memories – as I’ve never been lucky enough to own a pair! What a deprived childhood. Fingers crossed I can win a pair and set history right 😉

  • Tanya said:

    They moulded to my feet in a way only sparkly, plastic shoes can. The sun jellies of my memories were pink and sparkly, pulled out for special occasions of fun and frivolity. A symbol of summer as I whinged that I would not leave the house without any other shoe. My sisters and I had matching pairs – this has been very well documented in endless kodak snapshots from our youth posing with poorly cut fringes, shorts pulled us high as tim-buck-too and eyes squinting in the sunlight.

    I love me some some jellies to have a great old tartan tan line on my foot and catch many an eye as a girl who never quite grew up 🙂

    Tan x

  • Hannah canning said:

    Growing up in north devon we lived on the beach every moment we got, i always remember wearing lime green jellies on a boat trip! Loved them! So comfy and bright!

  • Aisha Coleman said:

    If I venture back to the yesteryears and take a deep look at my seven year old self, I can honestly say that I was too stubborn for my own good, oddly imaginative and a fashionista in my own right. I remember this time when I begged my mum to buy me jelly shoes, “pink to match my barbies please?”

    i had seen the odd indie kid, whose parents escaped out of the flashing-light-trainers and heely shoes norm, and whose children were delightfully sporting candy coloured jelly sandals. I loved everything about them, they always looked crystal clean, the came in every colour imaginable, only the select few ‘cool’ kids had them and um GLITTER!

    But of course “shoes made out of plastic are neither convenient nor appropriate,” my mum would say as that deshevelled look came upon my face. All i could do was just ask nicely once more, and soon my yearning paid off! Forgetting my yellow fisherman wellies or my purple loafers I was now sporting the most Ab Fab shoes I had seen. Many a sticky hot or wintry day was spent going up an down my garden path on that little blue peddle-go just to hear them squeak.

    The squeak which cried “I’VE WON!”. I think as a kid I was a bit melodramatic, but I sure did have awesome fashion taste. I never will forget the pink glitter jellies that matched my barbies. They are my all time fave!

  • Alix said:

    I lived in California when I was little so my Jelly memories are a bit sandy! I had a pair of pale blue Jellies with a slight sparkle to them. They smelled (and tasted – don’t judge!) a little like My Little Ponies, and a little like erasers. I used to work up a good amount of grime around my tinkerbell-painted toes playing in the park and on the beach with them. I miss them, and they were ace!

  • Alicia said:

    I always wore jellies as a child and loved them so much. I remember having a pink pair and an orange pair. I wore them everywhere I went. When I turned 12 I got a pair of pink sparkley ones and I wore them every day until my pinky toes wore holes in the sides! I got a pair of clear sparkle ones for my little sisters 5th birthday and she adores them just as I did! I would love to have another pair and I’ve been searching for a long time for a site that carries them in my size, and I was very excited to see that the Sun Jellies site does! I would absolutely love to win a pair and bring back the childhood memories ♡

  • Little macca said:

    Thinking they were made of real jellyfish and feeling bad when I saw a jellyfish in the sealife centre!!

  • Jo Marsh said:

    We were fatally hip and trendy in the summer of 1977 up the Kings Road in Chelsea. I was 18, had just started work and moved from Kent to London. We wore: Lee hickory (Andy Pandy) striped dungarees, A striped grandad shirt from the Seamen’s Mission (50p) a mohair or angora wool jumper and.. yes, red jellies. They were rather less soft, and blisters were the usual accompaniment!

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