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Win two tickets to Goodwood Revival

30 April 2013 47 Comments

For three late summer days each September, Chichester’s Goodwood Motor Circuit echoes to the bark of golden-age Grand Prix cars from the 1950s and ‘60s, thundering sports and GT cars and historic saloons, many of which are driven by famous faces from motor sport past and present. We have a pair of tickets for the much-anticipated Goodwood Revival  to give away to one lucky Vintage Brighton reader.

Goodwood Revival

Aside from the intoxicating entertainment on the track at Goodwood Revival, there is breathtaking action in the skies above this former Battle of Britain airfield as Spitfires, Hurricanes and Mustangs perform elaborate swoops and dives over the circuit.

The Vintage Hair Lounge offers vintage makeovers on-site, festival-goers can indulge in a spot of vintage shopping at the dozens of vintage clothing, motoring memorabilia and reproduction stalls and a varied range of food and drink, from burgers at the NAAFI Wagon to champagne and seafood, ensure that you’ll be as well-fuelled as the classic cars.

Freddie March Memorial Trophy credit John Colley

Great lengths are taken to ensure that everything the circuit and site, opened in 1948 by the ninth Duke of Richmond, is unchanged from its heyday. This means that no modern vehicles are allowed within the circuit perimeter throughout the weekend.

And it’s not just the circuit and the vehicles that have an authentic period look; all circuit staff dress in appropriate period clothing from the 1940s and 1950s, and each year more spectators and competitors get into the Goodwood spirit by dressing the part and competing for ‘best dressed’ prizes.

Music and dancing at Goodwood Revival credit Mike Caldwell

This brings us to the all-important question: What to wear? Fortunately, Goodwood has published a Dress and Style guide (edited by Nick Clements) to lead you through the most popular options.

Enter the competition

For your chance to win a pair of tickets to Friday 13 September of Goodwood Revival, simply comment on this post with your full name telling us which look you’d adopt from those listed in extracts from the Goodwood Dress and Style Guide.

Goodwood Revival

Deadline for entries is 31 May. A winner will be picked at random and contacted via the e-mail address they use to comment during the week commencing 3 June. The winner may be invited to participate in follow-up promotional activity.

By entering the competition you are agreeing to join the Goodwood mailing list to receive future Revival newsletters. Your name and e-mail address will be passed onto Goodwood for marketing purposes. 


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  • http://www.younggoldteeth.com Emily Beeson

    I’d recreate the iconic look made famous by Rosie the Riveter – tough denim teamed with a bold print headscarf & red lippy.

  • http://www.theexhibitionlist.com Theresa Macaulay

    Since reading de Lempicka’s biography I’ve always dreamed of being one of her subjects, I’d have to be a L’Automobilista…

  • Dolly Clacketts

    Because in a life previous to Dolly I was an airline person there can only be one for me, The Female Flyer, Chocks Away Old Chap!

  • http://thestreetswhereyoulive.blogspot.ie/ Sooz Sheehan

    I’d adopt a Teddy Girl style.

  • http://thefabuloustimes.com Christine

    Hello i’m Christine Mac of The Fabulous Times, I dare say I’d be rocking a classic starlet look, think Rita Hayworth in a summer frock, pincurls, red lippy and a vintage cardi. xx

  • http://Www.deliciousindustries.com Judith Wilding

    L’Automobilista – it’s all about the cars for me!

  • http://vintageowlboutique.comhttp://vintageowlboutique.com Jennie AKA Hooting Miss Owl

    I would like to think I’d be a natural born Lindy Hopper xx

  • kat pope

    i’d sort of be Virginia woolf if I could! I quite like all the army ones too

  • kathryn cheston

    As a long time fan of the glamorous stars of the silver screen, such as Marilyn Monroe or Ingrid Bergman, it would definitely have to be the Starlet or Diva – I’m ready for my close up, Mr De Mille!

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/356478807778401/ Ju

    It would HAVE to be the Model Housewife look,
    Glamour and Style all the way he he he xxxx

  • Justine Powell

    La Corsetiere soooo me

  • http://www.teacakemake.com Nat- Tea, Cake and Make

    I’m stuck between Hot Rod Girl and Lindy Hoppers, Bobby-Soxers and Jitter-Bug Jivers – perhaps I’ll be more casual in the daytime and then dress up more in the evening :)

  • Amy Vears

    It would definitely have to be Rosie the Riveter for me-I love that tough girl pin p look. Definitely adding some victory rolls peeping out, a slick of black eyeliner and a rouge pout. LOVE! #GetMeToGoodwood xxx

  • lisa thomas

    Land Girl

  • Clare Moloney

    I WOUILD BE A SARLET/DIVA, I would pretend to be Marilyn Monroe, looking glam with glasses and a scarf.

  • Helen Chapman

    I would be a WREN. There’s something so glamourous about the women in that uniform! And a perfect excuse to finally buy my own!

  • Tracey Stuckey


  • Kia Wilson

    Starlets and Divas

    For me, it would have to be Starlets and Divas in keeping with our current obsession for celebrity but more importantly paying homage to the classic leading lights of the golden era of screen & stage – Audrey Hepburn, Diana Dors, Marilyn Munroe – lights, camera & Goodwood action!

  • catherine halloran

    I would be a wren :-)

  • Cotiga Stefania

    think I’d be a natural

  • lyn

    The Female Flyer
    looks cool like amy johnson

  • Gig

    WAAFS then I could hang out with the RAF (brylcream) boys

  • gerry

    because everybody loves a sailor!!!

  • keren mary curran

    glam queens like liz taylor marilyn monroe audrey hepburn

  • miss j howard-simpson

    Hot Rod Girl

  • Ll

    A starlet.

  • Richard Hawes

    The jeepster family

  • Hannah Irish

    Starlets and Divas for me :)

  • Brian Harrington

    My wife & I would go as Teddy Boy & Teddy Girl.. we have the necessary clothes & accessories and this would be the perfect opportunity to show them off .. enjoy the vintage style and, of course the cars, bikes and juke boxes!

  • Sara B

    land girl

  • Avs

    L’Automobilista – all about the cars

  • Janice jones

    Rocking a classic starlet look, think Rita Hayworth in a summer frock would be lovely.

  • Jonathan Bennett

    It’s Tony Curtis style for me in Monte Carlo Or bust

  • Sergio Meucci

    I think i would go Est of Eden, because i was a rebel without a cause

  • Brian Hartshorn

    L’Automobilista for me

  • silviaz80

    hippy family :)

  • Keira Dempsey

    Lindy Hoppers, Bobby-Soxers and Jitter-Bug Jivers do it in style!

  • Andy Smith

    I definitely would become a Café Racer! Love it

  • caroline zornoza

    Hot Rod Girl all the way! Bring on the gingham and leather!

  • Philip Hall

    I think i would go Est of Eden, because i was a rebel without a cause when i was young

  • Ruthie B

    My inspiration would definitely be Blandings, how could you not want to be a “Hoofer from the Pussy”?

  • Paul Rogers

    I’d have to wear RAF uniform in honour of my father who trained foreign nationals to fly the Texan T6 and Tiger Moth in WWII.

  • Charlotte Ponting

    vintage biker babe

  • http://Www.acme-inc.com Ruth Hardie

    It’s land army girl for me, a chance to wear my breeches-they are the real thing you know!

  • Karen C

    I’d adopt a starlets and divas look. I’ve just got round to making myself a 1950’s dress and would LOVE to let it shine at Goodwood

  • Bobbie jo walker

    Bobbie-jo walker, I would be a jitterbug jiver :)

  • Jess

    My Dads an Engineer,so it would have to be Rosie the Riveter !