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Win a Dupenny art print

13 January 2013 42 Comments

If you’re a fan of Art Deco, you may well be in luck as we’re giving away this stunning 1920s-inspired Dupenny Splash! Gladys print (RRP £21) to help update your interior for the new year.

Dupenny vintage art print

Brighton-based design studio Dupenny create beautiful homewares with a refreshing twist, the inspiration for which coming from “all things cheeky to bring a smile to every room”.

The Splash! art print series, depicting synchronised swimmers in covetable swimwear, is taken from wallpaper design of the same name, so you could invite even more of these beautiful bathers into your home.

As well as wallpaper, art prints and greetings cards, Dupenny’s 1920s and 1950s-inspired designs are also available on ceramics, cushions and even bespoke lampshades and armchairs!

How to enter

For your chance to win this hand screen-printed artwork, made using water-based inks and to fit standard frame sizes, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post letting us know which fashions you expect to be bigger this year – those of the 1920s or 1950s – and why.

Deadline for entries is 27 January. A winner will be chosen at random and contacted via the e-mail address they use to comment during the week commencing 28 January.

Complete the Splash! set

The Dupenny Splash! print is available on colour and black and white wallpaper, as well as linen cushions with a duck feather and cotton inner. Divine…


Dupenny vintage print cushion

Dupenny vintage print wallpaper

Dupenny vintage print wallpaper

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  • Danielle said:

    1920s because of the great gatsby film @DC_Daniella

  • Lianne said:

    Ooooo lovely! I think we are going to see a rise in 20s inspired fashions a la The Great Gatsby! Bring on the dropped waists and the fringe! O la la!

  • Emmy Sykes said:

    I love both eras, but I really hope 1950s wins out as I’m much better suited to the 50s hourglass than the 20s drop waist! Maybe Emma Stone in “Gangster Squad” (set in 1949) might be an inspiration…

  • Serena Doherty said:

    I think the 1920s because interest in the era has already spread from TV shows like Boardwalk Empire to the cinematic adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Plus the 20s style has already been seen on young-hip Hollywood starlets like Lea Michele and Vanessa Hudgens.


  • Shelley Hawkins said:

    Every girl secretly wants to wear a flapper dress so if there’s the merest excuse i think it will take off, i’m up for one!

  • Dee said:

    I love both eras but the 1920’s I think is a more elegant style. There has been a lot on TV showing off the lovely 20’s style and I think that will be tingling the designers taste buds.

  • Michelle Holder said:

    The 1920’s.

    Recession chic is back: time for a little depression era, prohibition style.

    Bring on the Flapper fashion, cupid’s bow lippy and a glass of bath-tub gin.

  • Amanda Johnson said:

    I think the 1950’s due to the trend away from the size zero and us girlies not being ashamed to show off our curvy figures. The 1950’s can inspire us to bring out the floating bright skirts and polka dots.

  • Jen Schofield said:

    1920s because of Princess Katherine. That’s a lot more her style and she’s in the media a lot now.

  • Isabell Stewart said:

    I think the 1920s will be the dominant fashion trend this year. Probably fuelled by the release of The Great Gatsby film.

  • Nina McFadden said:

    The 1920s due to all the new and upcoming movies which will showcase the look.

  • Laura Harris said:

    The 50’s – have already seen a lot of influence, from designer to supermarket chic. I hope so anyway, as my ample, child bearing hips are more flattered by the fifties fashions!

  • Rosy Manser said:

    I would love to see the styles of the 1920s return and I think with TV series like Downton Abbey and lots of books set during the Great War and after in the book stores, a revival is on the cards. The Charlston was really popular with the judges of Strictly Come Dancing this year and it’s a fun dance and it may come back too. Just imagine everyone at the clubs doing it !! For me I would love to wear the sleek dresses with long beads (although mine wouldn’t hang straight as I’ve got boobs)but I would definitely wear the headbands and have my hair bobbed. I wouldn’t want the cigarettes in a holder though.

    So, it’s the Roaring Twenties for me. I’ve seen photos of my mum in the 50’s and I don’t think big skirts with socks would do me any favours…..

  • jennie jackson said:

    Im hoping the 1950’s hourglass fashion will make an appearance this year

  • Anne Bostwick said:

    The 1950’s are due for a revival.

  • FionaLynne Edwards said:

    I think the 1950s will hang around for a bit because of the lovely prints that are still around. I think the 1920s will begin to make another come back, mainly because of the new film, The Great Gatsby.

  • Solange said:

    1920s because of the flapper dresses and the finger wave hair

  • JoC said:

    The release of ‘The Great Gatsby’ is sure to inspire a surge in 20’s fashion and design. I think singers like Paloma Faith and a swing towards Jazz in music will also have a big effect. Short bob hairstyles are on the way back following a few years of return to 80’s long curls. I also think 20’s retro design in home furnishings will be huge and influence even the look and shape of new technology like phones.

  • Suzanne said:

    The 1920’s as there was a lot of lovely detail and accessories.

  • Julie Picton said:

    I think the 20s. The classic style is back in because of Kate Middleton

  • Christine Johnson said:

    1950s, teddyboy style for boys and poodle skirt with booby socks for the girls, fashion repeats it self and the 1950s are due for a revival

  • Tom Baines said:

    1920s because TV shows like Boardwalk Empire and the cinematic adaptation of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, have revitalised the chicness and elegance of the time

  • Hazel Christopher said:

    I think 1950’s as it’s already a hugely popular fashion era and it’s more suitable to the average womans shape which tends to be a bit more curvy than the tall slim flappers of the 20’s.

  • phillippa lee said:

    I think – 1920s, we are still in a depression – and films like the Artist, and The Great Gatsby evoke a sense of beauty which we need now.

  • Susie M said:

    I think 20s, partly because of big film and TV releases and partly because it mirrors the economic climate but also because body con, flesh flashing design has really run its course and looser ladylike chic has been creeping slowly in.

  • sue said:

    I think the 1950’s- the style is so elegant, fun and flattering with lovely fabric prints

  • Pamela Gossage said:

    I think the 20’s, because the styles flatter all figures and have a certain elegance

  • Emma Gallagher said:

    1920s as I think we’ve seen lot of the 1950s style prom dresses in the shops the past few years and so it’s time to look back at another era and what better than the 1920s!!.

  • Annamarie Riddiford said:

    the 20s. The classic style is back in

  • Isabelle Smith said:

    1950s <3

  • Antonia Rookley said:

    I’d like the 1950s to win out as I am more of a curvy girl!

  • Mark Whittaker said:

    1950s will be huge, though it will be a 50s take on futuristic !

  • sram said:

    I think 1920’s because we saw how shows like Mad Men have revived interest in fashion of that era. Similarly the release of the Great Gatsby teases the revival of the 1920’s fashion. Either I love both era’s fashion and look forward to wearing them well.

  • Caitlin W said:

    50’s style is always classic and I think we’re only going to see it rise in popularity

  • katherine grieve said:

    20s, i love that era, so super stylish

  • carol phile said:

    I think the 20s because of not only The Great Gatsby but a spate of 20s based dramas on tv are all making that era popular

  • Alicia Roberts said:

    The 1950s – all the women I know have been loving Jessica raine’s fantastic off-duty outfits in Call the Midwife.

  • Rachael Jess said:

    I think Monochrome look with the 20s style could be the one to look out for this year as I believe we’ve already done 50s recently.

  • Caroline James said:

    I think the elegance of the 1920s will come back into fashion as the classic look is back in.

  • Alisa said:

    The 20s because of The Great Gatsby film and also because we’ve not had a 20s revival for a long time now…

  • DAWN TOTTON said:

    1950s. Very stylish and the look seems to be easier to achieve.

  • Tom Willcocks said:

    1920’s purely as many television drams set the scene with this form of wear which has its very rich and classic look, the 50’s were done and now tis time for the 20’s to come back and rule the world!

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