Vintage Twists, who are offering you the chance to win this show-stopping frock, worth £94.95!

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Win a Mexican skull print dress

23 November 2011 41 Comments

How cool would you be if you rocked up to your work do in this Limb Mexican Skull dress? Off-the-scale-cool we reckon. You could be doing just that thanks to our brand new sponsor Vintage Twists, who are offering you the chance to win this show-stopping frock, worth £94.95!

Vintage Twists Limb Mexican skull dress

All you have to do to enter is to check out the Vintage Twists site (if you see anything you like, don’t forget that Vintage Brighton readers get a 10% discount with the code VB10) and tell us in the comments section below which other two products would make up your top three.

From kitsch jewellery and bags to glamorous lingerie and pencil skirts by a range of independent and top name vintage-inspired brands, there’s plenty to choose from!

The competition closes on Friday 9 December, and a winner will be chosen at random and contacted via e-mail over the weekend of 10 and 11 December, so make sure you include the e-mail address you’d like to be contacted on when leaving your comment.

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Disclaimer: If the winner’s preferred size of the dress pictured is unavailable at the time the competition closes, another dress of the same value will be offered from the Vintage Twists website. 

This competition is now closed. Congratulations to winner Amanda Ruff!

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  • Alice Barnes

    So much to choose from! But if I had to pick 2 others they’d be the Glamour Bunny Two Tone Dress in Black and White, and the H&R London Navy Blue Floral Mini Dress as I’ve seen it in the flesh on a friend and it’s fab.

    Fingers crossed! :)

  • Jenni

    I absolutely love the Heartbreaker Monique Dress- Cirque. The colours are beautiful and its just a really adorable dress and the shape looks lovely.
    I’m also lusting after the Pop Boutique 60s MQ Shift Dress, I’m currently wishing I lived in the 60’s just so there were more dresses like this around.

  • Nicole

    If I could pick two more items for my top three, it would be the Glamour Bunny Joan Dress in Red and Glamour Bunny Two Tone Dress in Black and White. So cute!

  • Wulan Sari

    Love this: Miss Candyfloss Frances-Ann High waist tartan skirt & Chic Star Satin Sleeveless Belted Dress Purple–>great dress!

  • Trisha

    I love the Miss Candyfloss Benessa top with Georgette collar. And I’m oddly attracted to the girdles–must be watching Pan Am! The Kiss Me Kate polka dotted ones are lovely.

  • Sarita

    I would love the Bunny Shirt Dress in red for the daytime and the Vintage Stitch Corset for night. Yum. Very vintage.Very twisted.

  • Heather

    I love this Limb skull dress and want it for my birthday – it would be very appropriate for Cinco de Mayo.

    I am asking Santa for the H and R London Black Petticoat to go under my Hell Bunny Zombie dress :)

  • KalandraJane

    So much to choose from, I love all the Limb dresses and this style looks lovely and flattering. My two favourite products are the Stockings and Romance Pin Up Magazine Girdle, and the Limb Frock Dress in Red Cowgirl print!

  • Siobhan

    Got to be these three dresses for me ; Hell Bunny Black Motley, Mono Cartoon and Mexican Skull. Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous!

  • Fran

    The heartbreak monitor dress and the limb skull dress! Gorgeous!!!

  • LC

    The other two for me would be the Miss Fortune Nautical Nancy Cardigan in blue and the Tattoo Effect Anchor Charm Necklace – because then you have a complete outfit ;) x

  • Emily

    They’re all so fabulous, but I love the effortless style of the Miss Candyfloss Elleanor Classic Retro Dress and the sexy sophistication of the gorgeous Glamour Bunny Shirt Dress in Black.

  • kerrie

    for me it’d have to be Limb Betty F Day Dress – Mono Cartoon and Stockings and Romance Pin Up Magazine Girdle =-)

  • Rebecca

    Oh wow! So many dresses, so little time… My choices would be the Limb Boned Halterneck dress in rose with that gorgeous petticoat on full show, and the Glamour Bunny dress in black and white.

  • Clare Moloney

    So many great items to cvoose from but I love the Limb Boned Halterneck Boned Dress with Petticoat and Miss Candyfloss Amy stretch top.

  • Jacq M

    Some really great clothes there, love the limb boned halterneck dress with petticoat and the hell bunny kiki 50s dress. maybe santa will bring me some for xmas :-)

  • Jen Blewer

    So much lovely stuff..but I’d have to say the H&R London Flock Dress and the Limb boned halterneck rose dress! If I ever win the lottery I will deck myself out from head to toe in your clothes every day!

  • MissDoherty

    I can’t believe I’d not seen Vintage Twists website before! My top three (including the Skull dress of course) would be Stockings and Romance Pin Up Magazine girdle and the Heartbreaker Super Spy dress. I think I’m going to be a frequent flyer to this website now, thanks Vintage Brighton.

  • Jennie

    I love the black Heartbreaker Super Spy dress- I would wear it out and also wear it to work! I also LOVE the Limb Frock Dress in the cowgirl print- I want to decorate my house with that print!

  • Caroline Jones

    I’d have the Limb Boned Halterneck Boned Dress with Petticoat, which is the most beautiful dress I’ve seen ever, and a Now Voyager Rubber Duck hair clip.

  • debbie smith

    Tough choices but the other top two would have to be the H&R London red flock dress. The other would be Hell Bunny charlie 50’s dress. Gorgeous dresses love them. :)

  • Jennifer

    Lovely, lovely frocks and a very nice website. Bookmarked.

    Okay, the skull print dress is fabulous. But of the other products, I’d go for the Glamour Bunny Joan dress in black, and my favourite, the Limb Fitted Secretary dress in navy blue. So chic.

  • Cate

    I’m deeply in love with the Mexican Skull Dress (delicious, delightful and just a wee bit frightful!) and I’d pick the Yolanda Bamboo Hibiscus Handbag as its perfect companion. I also adore the Limb Betty F Day Dress – the print is just beautiful!

  • Daisy

    Oooo I would go for the Chic Star Vintage Sailor Flared Dress Black and the Red Cowgirl Limb Frock Dress.
    Though actually the Limb Mexican Skull Dress is my favourite! <3

  • Claire Wilson

    It’s a difficult choice but the two other items I love are The H and R London Purple Flock Dress and the gorgeous H and R London Light Pink and Blue Embroidery Corset.

  • Jess

    Oh, everything’s so beautiful! But my two other dream items would be the Hell Bunny Sweetheart Dress Black and White and Glamour Bunny Joan Dress in Black, which are both completely stunning.

  • Danielle

    Without a doubt, my other two; the classic ‘Playful Promises Vintage Stitch Corset’ it looks a beautiful shape. Also the ‘Hell bunny Hawaii 50’s dress’ it looks just too cute! And love that cut.

  • Emma

    Heartbreaker anita dress in burgundy is gorgeous and I love the cut! I also love the tatoo anchor brooch, it could make a plain dress stand out.

  • jess

    I love skulls! i like the love hearts candy charm bracelet and the tattoo rose brooch.

  • emms collier

    what amazing clothes! and that dress is to die for! fingers crossed!

    I would definitely have to say the Limb fitted secretary dress and the heartbreaker super spy dress would fit in perfectly in my wardrobe…now to start saving those pennies for some post-christmas shopping :)


  • kat pope

    Limb Frock Dress – Colour Cartoon is lovely, as is Limb Frock Dress – Red Cowgirl. i just like the dresses a lot lol! i’m btw. i used to live right near your shop!

  • louisa

    i LOVE the hell bunny black motley 50s dress and the limb frock dress, colour cartoon. AMAZING dresses!!

  • michelle

    i’d definitely have the Red Joan dress and the Miss Candyfloss Benessa top with Georgette collar. Amongst many other things!

  • Sarah

    OMG too hard to choose, all gorgeous. I would go for the twinkle twinkle necklace (oh no just typed winkle twinkle by mistake – the mind boggles) and a mince pie hair clip to Christmas up my look to wow everyone at the Christmas party.

  • Amanda Ruff

    So Many beautiful things on here but my 2 other faves are Heartbreaker Anita Dress and Miss Candyfloss Carmen Leopard Pint Top x

  • Louise Gurney

    I like the Chic Star Tartan pencil dress in red and the Maria Bamboo cherry handbag (not together I hasten to add – although they’re both lovely enough to carry it off possibly!…)

  • Rachel

    Love the glamour bunny two tone dress & the H&R purple flock dress and many other things too!

  • Kim

    I love the hell bunny geisha dress and the kiki dress too :-) so lush!!

  • Kirsty

    I’m loving the mini snowflake earrings and the H&R London navy blue floral minidress!

  • Mel

    My favourites:

    Limb Betty F Day Dress – Odoriko
    A classy, clean cut contrasted with an over-the-top decadent print.

    Chic Star Vintage Sailor Pencil Dress Black
    I like it because the sophisticated cut allows you to get away with the sailor collar without looking schoolgirly.

    I also love the mexican skull dress, as a Frida Kahlo fan ;)

  • Claire M

    Oooh wish they did shoes too! I like the Hell Bunny Hawaii 50s dress & the Limb boned halterneck dress – & lots of others!!…..