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Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop

11 August 2011 10 Comments

Oh deary me, what have we here then? Only a brand new traditional sweet shop in the centre of The Lanes! Bursting with jars and packets full of your favourite sweet treats, as well as speciality chocolates and fabulous window displays, the temptation is just too much. Well, a bit of what you fancy…

Hardy's Original Sweet Shop
Hardy's Original Sweet Shop
Hardy's Original Sweet Shop
Hardy's Original Sweet Shop
Hardy's Original Sweet Shop
Hardy's Original Sweet Shop
Hardy's Original Sweet Shop

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  • Vicky Day said:

    Took my 3 kids into Hardys over the weekend and i dont know who was more excited!!! I have never seen so many sweets in one place!! The staff were very weloming and friendly and i can’t wait to return!! Good luck Hardys!!!

  • Vicky Day said:

    oooops *welcoming*

  • Marc said:

    Went in at the weekend – extortionate prices. Walked out and went to Fizzywigs around the corner.

  • Thomas said:

    Thought it was great, just what Brighton needs!!!

  • stuart said:

    Can not praise this shop enough, from the interior to the staff to the stock. My bag of Barley Sugar tasted just as they did when i was child, bought back lots of happy memories, looking forward to my next visit and a big bag of Pear Drops.

  • Peter said:

    The inside does look like Mr Simms. Quite expensive products.

  • Yvonne Keane said:

    Never heard of this Mr Simms? But Hardys rocked! My new guilty pleasure…..sweeets, sweets glorious sweets!

  • Claude said:

    Just taken the Grandchildren into Hardys

    WOW WOW WOW…what a magical experience. Takes me right back to my
    childhood with all the wonderful varieties of sweets that I assumed
    were no longer available! Together with really helpful staff, Hardys
    just has to be a winner in Brighton!

  • stella said:

    Wonderful experience from the window display to the very helpful staff.Really enjoyed the visit to Brighton and this sweetie shop was the iceing on the cake…………..

  • VintageBrighton.com (author) said:

    Where is this Mr Simms you all speak of?